Make a Personal Data Request

Please complete the following form to make a request regarding your own personal data or, if authorized, the personal data of another individual.

  • a.      Proof of my identity;
  • b.      If I am making this request as a relevant person on the behalf of someone else, proof of the individual’s identity and further proof of my status as a relevant person; and
  • c.      Such further information as may be reasonably required for CSL to complete the request.
Please note: missing or incomplete information may result in a rejection of the request or a delay in the completion of the request.
Except with the prescribed consent of the individual concerned, the Personal Data provided in this form will be used only for the purposes of processing this request and other directly related purposes. All information collected as a function of this request will be deleted 120 calendar days after the request has been closed, unless required for continuing legal requirements.